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Avelo Airlines Baggage Policy: What to Know

Avelo Airline is a low-cost airline in the US, and flying out of Los A Los Angeles's Burbank Airport, the activities run by the co-founder of Allegiant Airlines. Like other low-cost airlines, the passenger can carry a personal item onboard at airplane free of cost; the passenger will be charged for carry-on bags and checked bags. 

Unlike different airlines, Avelo Airline is looking to speed up the boarding process by not accepting the more considerable carry-on baggage and making it much cheaper to check in a bag than bring it as a carry-on item. 

Here's what you should know when you make your Avelo Airline flight booking and what you will carry and what not as baggage. 

Types of Baggage

  1. Carry-on bags
  2. Checked bags
  3. Restricted and prohibited items
  4. Lost or damaged baggage
  5. Special baggage and sports equipment
  6. Excess
  7. Oversize and overweight baggage

Carry-on bags

Customers are allowed to carry up to two items on board:

  • As per the Avelo airlines baggage policy, The passenger can carry one personal item ( purse, laptop bag, small backpack, small camera case) not exceeding 14″L x 9″W x 9.5″H (35 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm), and that can be easily stowed under the seat. 
  • One carry-on bag on the cabin is permitted. The carry bags must be fit into an overhead compartment and not be exceed 22" L x 14″W x 9" H (56 cm x 35 cm x 22cm, and not more than 35kg( 35ibs), please note that may charge additional Avelo airlines baggage fees for carry-on bags if the bag is not pre-purchased. 
  • Wheelchair, aids, and other assistive devices do not count against your carry-on bags. 
  • Outwear also does not count against your carry-on bags, in addition to a passenger's items and carry-on allowances (coat, jacket, etc., which may carry onboard. 

Checked bags 

  • The Avelo checked baggage allowance may be weighing up to 22 kg (50 lbs) and with the overall measurement and dimensions up to 62 cm, including the wheels and handles. 
  • Any checked bag over the given weight and size may be subjected to an additional $50 fee for over 62 inches size limit. Please do not accept bags over the 70 Ibs and with 80 inches in the overall outer dimensions. 
  • Military personal traveling allows two checked bags for free of cost and is not subjected to excess, overweight or oversized baggage charges. 

Tips: as per the Avelo airlines baggage policy, the passenger can check the bag before 2 hours of the departure time and 40 minutes before the take-off time. Also, remember, an additional fee may be applicable for checked bags if they are not pre-purchased online. 

Restricted and prohibited items

Some items are prohibited and simply not safe to transport; a quest that it is safe t bring on board, you should avoid them and leave them at home.

According to Federal law, it doesn't allow the passenger to pack the hazardous items in your checked bags or carry-on bags, such as:

  • Camping equipment that contains the fuel
  • Bags that are self-riding or self-balancing one
  • Defense items like sprays ( pepper sprays, mace, and tear gas are strictly prohibited
  • Explosive items like flare guns, gunpowder, flares, and fireworks
  • And ready to eat food with a flameless heater.
  • Shock absorbers equipment
  • Small bags with non-removable batteries
  • Tasers

Dangerous items that have restriction

Passengers can be personal purchase items on the airplane, for example, hairspray, nail polish, perfume, deodorant, and certain medicines but with some restrictions. If you carry these items with your carry-ons, each bag can't be more than 3.4 ounces. You should bring them in clear quarter-sized bags. And if you are packing these items with your checked bags, each bag can't be more than 16 ounces. 

Lost or damaged baggage

For all the domestic flights, if any loss or damage baggies, or delay in delivery of checked bags except the wheelchair, mobility aids, and assistive devices that used by the qualified customer with a disability, is limited to the amount of damage or loss, but the amount will not be more than $3,800 per passenger as an Avelo's liability.

If the Lost or damaged baggage happens, Avelo will compensate the passenger for reasonable damage documents experience as a result of damage to, or delay baggage up to the limit of the liability, provided the passenger has experienced reasonable efforts and good to minimize the amount of damage. The original purchase amount less depreciation shall determine the compensation for lost or damaged baggage for prior use. 

Avelo is not responsible for claims of lost and damaged baggage if a passenger's check bag is not damaged, lost, or dealy.

Avelo will pay the delivery charges amount to return a delayed bag to a passenger as at the latest 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Avelo will make every effort but can not acknowledge transporting such checked bags on the customer's flight. Personal item carried on the board, Avelo takes no responsibility And is not responsible and not liable for loss and damage on board. 

High-value items are unsuitable for checked bags. Avelo will not be responsible for any damage or loss and will not be liable for any money, such as jewelry; photographic, computers, and other electronic equipment; computer software, negotiable instruments; securities; business or personal documents; etc. for the passenger's protection, these items should not be carried in checked bags. 

Previously damaged products, Avelo is not responsible and liable for further damage to previously damaged items.

Claims, such as loss or damage, or delay in delivery of checked baggage, a claim will not be given by Avelo unless the passenger takes the following steps:

  • All the passengers must be are notified, Avelo, and get the Baggage report number no later than 4 hours.
  • Customers must be complete an Avelo Baggage claim form to get paid, and after filling the paper, the customer can submit it electronically. 

Special baggage and sports equipment

  • Archery equipment: Archery equipment, such as arrows, bows, will be accepted to Avelo for standard carry-on baggage. 
  • Baseball equipment: Avelo will accept one bag of baseball equipment per passenger as a checked bag.
  • Bowling equipment: will be accepted with checked bags
  • Hockey or lacrosse stick(s), up to two and one equipment bag.
  • Avelo would accept Pool cues, scuba equipment, skating, all these if carried in a container. 

Avelo Airlines charges for Baggage

Avalon Airline charges up to $35 per bag as an Avelo airlines baggage fee for the first and second checked bag; each luggage and amount depends on your destination and routes; the charges may vary according to the destination. At the pre-Departure time, the passenger can take pre-departure online by visiting the manage my travel or online check-in, but the pieces may be slightly higher and will charge you up to $15 to $45 each way. 

For further information about Avelo Airline baggage policy, you can contact the Avelo customer service team, and the representative will help you in every possible way. You can contact them anytime since customer service works 24/7 to help the customer.

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