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Let's Know the Baggage Policy of ANA

ANA airline is the prominent airline that endows its passengers with the best amenities. The passengers, being excited, pack different stuff in their bags. Due to this, they have to sometimes face disappointment later at the airport. So, it is always recommended to go through the baggage policy first before leaving for your trip.

Let us now have a look at the ANA baggage policy that we are listing below. You can go through it to have more understanding of the rules and regulations, and then you can save the extra money that will be implied on you at the airport as the baggage fee. 

Baggage Policy of ANA Airlines:

  • The item's total linear dimension should not be more than 62 inches that includes wheels and handles. 
  • The bags must be checked at the check-in counter or at the self-service machine. 
  • The additional piece's size and weight should conform to the normal bag rule if you are traveling with a child younger than 2. Otherwise, they will have to pay the excess baggage charges. 
  • The passengers are traveling in the first class can check-in up to three pieces of luggage. In business class, economy, and premium economy, the passengers can check-in up to 2 pieces. 
  • The adequately packed sports equipment like fishing tools, surfboards, diving equipment, etc., is accepted by the airline. These should not weigh more than 45 kg and their linear dimension allowed is 292 km as checked baggage within the free allowance. 

Excess Baggage Charges at ANA

  • The excess baggage charges will be levied if the baggage exceeds the free bag allowance by ANA airlines. The charges will be according to the applicable currency and fee, and it may differ depending on the itinerary. 
  • In the excess baggage of 1-10 in domestic flight, the extra charges will be JPY 1,500 to JPY 2,500.
  • In the case of 11-20, the passengers have to pay JPY 2,500 to JPY 3500.
  • In case the passengers' bags are weighing 20-30 kg extra, then they will have to pay JPY 3500 to JPY 4500.

Restricted items on ANA:

  • The baggage items that are considered dangerous are prohibited from carrying in ANA airlines. You cannot carry flammable liquid and solid, compressed gases, poisonous substances onto the aircraft or counter. 
  • The dangerous items like fireworks, camping, household stoves, paint, insecticides, gas cylinder, Ethanol etc., are not allowed in this airline. 

Excess Baggage at ANA

Extra piece of luggage:

  • If you are traveling from Asia and India to North America or Hawaii/Asia and India to Europe, then you will have to pay USD $150.
  • For traveling from Japan to Asia or India, you will have to pay USD $100
  • If you are only traveling in Japan domestic, then you need to pay 5,000 Yen.

For Damaged Bag:

If your bag is damaged by the airline, then you will have to fill in the damaged baggage declaration form and then send it by fax or mail to the address mentioned on the official website of ANA airlines. 

We hope that you are clear with the ANA baggage allowance. In case you need more assistance from the customer care representatives, you can call on the helpline number. They will provide you with their best services on baggage policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much you have to pay for your baggage allowance in ANA Airlines?

The baggage allowance allowed in this airline is 40 kg. Talking about the checked baggage, you must adhere to the weight of 23 kg. Also, its linear dimension is 62 inches or 158 cm. 

Do the passengers get a free checked bag with ANA airlines?

The passengers of ANA airlines can check in free of fees if the weight and number are within the free baggage allowance rules. If the airline finds that the baggage allowance is exceeding, then they will have to pay excess ANA baggage fees. Well, the handling exceeding size is different from the regular ones. 

Are the passengers allowed to bring the backpack and a carry bag on ANA?

Yes, you can bring the normal-sized backpacks as a personal belonging. 

What do you know about the carry-on baggage in ANA airlines?

The passengers of the ANA airlines should be able to easily store the carry-on bag underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. You need to make sure that you have to pack your carry-on in accordance with TSA rules. Your standard-sized carry on items should not be more than 22″ x 16″ x 10″ and weigh no more than 10 kg (22 pounds).

How can I get free baggage on ANA?

The passengers of the ANA airlines can be checked in free if the weight and number are within the free baggage allowance rules for boarding. If you find that the baggage allowance is exceeding, then you will have to pay the baggage fee. 

How much does the airline charge for extra baggage?

If you are traveling from Japan to Asia, then you will be charged USD $100. In the Japanese domestic, you will be charged with 5,000 Yen. If you are traveling from Asia and India to North America or Hawaii and India, then you will be charged USD $150.

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