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Allegiant Air Baggage Policy, Types & Allowance Fees

Allegiant Air is one of those air carriers that has maintained precise and flexible travel policies for travelers so that they do not come across any issues during their trip. They have set baggage policies also for the travelers so that they are aware of their intake. If you are wondering about the Allegiant air baggage policy and the allowance, then you must continue reading the following sections:

Carry-on bags: Travelers are permitted to carry one carry-on bag that must be set in the overhead bin. The dimensions of the bag must be under 25 cm*40*55 cm. In addition, travelers are allowed to carry one personal belonging, such as a laptop bag, purse, or briefcase, for free. They must note that the allowed dimension for carry-on bags is 20cm*35cm*45cm. 

Checked-in luggage: Besides carry-on bags, travellers can also take 4 checked-in bags. They must keep the weight of each bag under 22 kg. However, if travelers exceed the total weight, they will be required to pay an allegiant baggage overweight fee according to baggage weight. 

Baggage allowance for Military passengers: 

Allegiant provides additional benefits to Military Veterans and active duty passengers. They must note that they are liable for carrying two checked-in bags weighing up to 44 kg. 

  • They are not charged for oversized bags.  They can carry Allegiant Military bags up to a total linear dimension of 115 linear inches. 
  • They can carry one personal bag and one carry-on bag.
  • Apart from the bags, they are also eligible for carrying pets in the cabin. 

General Baggage terms and conditions for Allegiant Air: 

There is a set of rules and conditions that must be taken care of by travelers traveling via alleigant Air.

  • Baggage taken on by Allegiant Air must be under the permissible limit. 
  • Travelers must ensure they do not carry any prohibited items in their bags on Allegiant flights, such as sharp weapons, explosives, and harmful objects. 
  • The liquid must not be in a container with more than 100 ml capacity.
  • Traveler must make sure that their carry-on bags fit either under their sets or on the overhead bins. 
  • While measuring the dimensions of the bags, travelers must make sure they include straps, handles, and other extensions of the 

How much is a checked bag with Allegiant?

All travellers who have selected Allegiant Air and are wondering about the luggage they can carry as a checked bag must note they have the flexibility to check up to 4 bags, which must be under the limit set by the airline. Allegiant checked baggage must be under 22 kg, and the total dimensions of the bags must be under 80 linear inches. 

How strict is Allegiant with carry-on bags?

Allegiant is generally specific and quite strict regarding the luggage. The airline has framed several policies to ensure an easygoing process so travelers do not face any difficulty. Also, travelers must note that if their luggage crosses the limit set by the airlines, they are liable for paying an additional penalty. 

Does Allegiant allow free carry-on?

No, Allegiant enables travelers to bring only one piece of personal item for free. If they prefer to bring carry-on flights they are expected to pay additional charges. 

What is not allowed on Allegiant Air? 

There are a number of products that are not permitted by Allegiant Air to be carried on the flight. All those travelers who are either traveling for the first time or are not aware of the restrictions must refer to the list given below: 

  • Travelers are not allowed to carry alcohol in their carry-on luggage; they can be carried in checked-in bags only if it is less than 70%.
  • Travelers are not permitted to carry bio-hazardous and infectious substances on Allegiant flights. 
  • Batteries, electronic smoking devices, or other portable electronic devices are not allowed 
  • Flammable devices, hair stylers, and magnetic radioactive devices are not permitted ion flights.
  • Travelers must not take lighters or poisonous or restricted medical devices on flights. 

How to add extra luggage on an Allegiant Air flight?

Travelers carrying more luggage than the allowed limit can add their luggage online. They can refer to the online steps mentioned below to process the request: 

  • Go to the official Allegiant Air website. 
  • You must now go to the “Manage travel” section. 
  • Next, insert your booking code and the passenger's last name. 
  • As you get your allegiant ticket, click on “add bag” under the “additional services” option. 
  • Make payment to get the process complete. 
  • You will send a message once additional luggage is added to your booking. 

How to avoid baggage fees on Allegiant Air?

Travelers always wish to gather information about avoiding baggage fees on Allegiant Air. If you are also looking for the same details, then you must carefully note the following points: 

  • Travelers can avoid paying additional baggage charges if they keep their luggage under the limit set by the airlines. 
  • Also, they can save on luggage costs if they add carry-on and checked-in luggage in advance, as it might cost more to add luggage at the airport.
  • Travelers can use their existing Allegiant reward points in order to avoid paying baggage charges. 

How much fees are to be paid to Allegiant Air for excess luggage?

Whenever the weight or the dimension of the bags crosses the set limit, they are termed overweight or oversized bags. If you are curious about the charges, then you must remember the following points: 

  • You are expected to pay $50 per segment if your bag weighs 23 kg to 32 kg. 
  • If your bag weighs between 32 kg and 45 kg, you will be charged $75 additional. 
  • If your bag's total dimension is more than 203 cm, you will need to pay an additional $75 per segment. 

Final words: All the above-mentioned information must be considered by travelers who do not wish to be stuck with luggage confusion. They can take th details presented here into action to keep themselves updated regarding luggage information, policies, and charges. If travelers have any luggage problems they must feel free to communicate with customer service.

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