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Let's know about the Baggage Policy of Air Canada

The passengers are generally seen excited about their trip, which is why they pack a lot of stuff with them. But, in this case, they have to face disappointment at the airport. So, they should read the policies of the airline before packing the bags. 

Air Canada has some significant policies for its passengers that are meant to provide them with full information. You can go through the Air Canada baggage policy before you pack your bags for your trip. This will make you aware of the rules related to the baggage.

Baggage Policy of Air Canada: Complete Information

About the carry-on baggage policy:

  • You can place your item under the seat in front of you. 
  • If you are traveling with an infant, you can bring one additional bag for your child’s belongings. 
  • There are specific restrictions that you cannot carry on the flight of Air Canada. Oil-based paint, insecticides, and pesticides are some of the things that are not acceptable in the flight.

Restricted items on Air Canada:

  • You are not allowed to carry canned oxygen in checked or carry-on baggage. 
  • You are not allowed to carry Arsenic, Cyanide, pesticides/weed killer, and other toxic substances in either carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

Special items info:

  • You will have to register your sports equipment at least 24 hours before your flight. You can do this by contacting the Air Canada reservations or your travel agents. 
  • The sports equipment bags and cases are only meant to carry sports equipment. You cannot bring clothes or personal items in that. 
  • You are not allowed to carry climbing gear in carry-on. 
  • You will be charged a fee of $50.00 CA/US for carriage in Air Canada.
  • No oversize charges will be applied to golf bags.

Delayed or damaged baggage policy:

  • If you can’t locate your baggage within three days, then you will have to complete the baggage tracing form via the baggage issue section.
  • In case of delayed baggage, we will refund you with the checked baggage fee that you paid on the flight. 
  • You may request the reimbursement by completing the submit expense section. You can submit the claim within 21 days on which you received your baggage, or it will not get processed.

For the damaged baggage:

  • If your baggage has been damaged and you are still at the airport, then you can contact the airport agent at the Air Canada Baggage Service Counter before you leave the airport. 
  • The airline will refund you the baggage fee if your bag is damaged at the airport. 

This is all about the baggage policy of Air Canada. If you are worried about the fees, then let us tell you that you only have to pay the Air Canada baggage fees as mentioned in the policy. You will not be charged extra. For more information on the baggage in Air Canada, you can contact the customer support team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you know about the baggage allowance for Air Canada?

The maximum weight per bag or Air Canada baggage allowances is 23 kg or 50 lbs. The total allowable dimension allowed in Air Canada is 158 cm. The checked baggage allowance depends on the fare you have purchased and the route you have opted to travel on. 

Does Air Canada allow free checked bags to its passengers?

Air Canada flights within the U.S and from Canada and the U.S to Europe get a piece of free checked baggage that excludes the economy basic fare. The bag can weigh up to 23 kg or 50 pounds, and it should not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm. 

Does Air Canada allow bringing the backpack and a carry-on bag?

Air Canada allows the passengers to carry the personal item as a backpack, laptop or briefcase. It should measure up to 43 centimeters. If you are carrying the suitcase with you, it should measure 40 to 55 centimeters, including wheels and handles. The total weight-limit allowed in Air Canada is 10 kilograms per item in Air Canada. 

Does Air Canada weigh carry-on baggage?

Although there is no weight limit to carry-on baggage in Air Canada, but it should weigh only to the extent that it is stored in the overhead bin. 

What is the policy of Air Canada regarding carry-on baggage?

Air Canada has revised its policy related to carry-on baggage. Now, as per the new policy of Air Canada, the carry-on baggage must be light enough that you can hoard it in the overhead bin. Earlier, the weight limit was 10 kg or 22 lbs.

What is the process of getting the free baggage on Air Canada?

  • If you want to get the free baggage on Air Canada, then you can get the free luggage by checking-in for your flight, 
  • Online
  • On the mobile device
  • At the airport, using one of our self-service check-in kiosks
  • At an Air Canada check-in counters

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