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Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy & Fees Info

If you are traveling this time via air, then you must make sure that you keep a check on the baggage that you are carrying. Excessive baggage will not travel for free, at least not in the air. Almost all the major airlines will charge you extra if you try to surpass the weight threshold of their airline. And one such airline is Southwest. 

If you have planned to travel with Southwest and have started the packing then make sure you go through the South West airline baggage policy. For your simplification, we have mentioned below a few necessary points that you need to check

Southwest Baggage Policies and their Types:

1)Southwest Checked Baggage

  • Your luggage should have only the following dimension –
    LBH (Length + Breadth height) should be 62 inches per piece. 
  • The maximum weight of your single luggage cannot exceed the threshold of 62 pounds. 
  • If your luggage exceeds the threshold of dimension ( but not more than 80 inched) and of the weight (51 – 100 pounds) then you will be charged extra for every single piece ($75/piece).
  • You cannot carry lithium batteries in any form i.e. whether they are defective or damaged.
  • You need to make sure that if you are carrying any pointed or sharp object, it needs to e covered properly in a clothing piece.  

2)Southwest Carry on Baggage 

  • The limit for carry-on baggage has been set to one bag and one other personal bag. 
  • The carryon bag should have the following dimensions or LBH – 
    10 x 16 x 24 inches.
  • Your personal bag or purse or knapsack should not exceed the threshold of - 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches.
  • In case you cannot fit the bag in the space provided in front of your seat then you have to put it in the overhead bin. 

3) Southwest Pets as a Baggage

  • Southwest airline baggage policy allows you to carry only small vaccinated pets.
  • One passenger can carry only one pet carrier ($95). 
  • The airline also accepts other pet carriers only if they are small, leak-proof, and well ventilated. 
  • The pet carrier can hold two animals of the same species. 
  • Make sure that your pet is well behaved and it doesn’t give any sort of trouble to the airline. 

4) International Travel Baggage Info

If you are traveling to any international destination then make sure that you check your entire luggage at every stop. For checking your luggage in accordance with the Southwest airline baggage policy make sure you do so at the ticket counter. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I carry both a backpack and a carry-on?

Yes, you can carry both the items but make sure you do not cross the threshold dimensions and the weight of your luggage.

Q. What all is not allowed to carry?

Any form of liquids, pastes, gels, or any sticky, fluid, or combustible item is not allowed to carry on the plane.

Q. I want to carry a purse; will that also count as a carry-on?

Anything that you will carry in your hands will be counted as carrying on. The major airline allows you to carry only one carry-on but while traveling with southwest you can carry 2.

Q. Can I carry snacks with me?

All the victuals that you want to carry must be solid and should be packed in a disposable packing.  

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