Avianca Flight Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

If you have booked a flight with Avianca airlines and it is delayed or canceled, you are eligible for compensation. To claim your compensation amount, you can directly contact airline support. You can check the compensation eligibility on the airline website also.

When you can claim compensation on Avianca?

To claim your compensation with Avianca airlines, you must be eligible as per the fare rules or airlines. There are two conditions in which a passenger is entitled to 

claim Avianca Flight Compensation:

Conditions for compensation of canceled flight:

If the flight is canceled by the airline due to internal issues, you can claim the compensation but if it is due to any unforeseen reason such as weather conditions, there will be no compensation. The eligibility criteria must be fulfilled for claiming compensation. The eligibility conditions are:

Compensation for a delayed flight:

You will be eligible for delayed compensation in two cases: