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How can I fly to Cleveland, OH for cheap? 

Every passenger thinks of saving their money when traveling. So, if you happen to travel to Cleveland, OH then here are some tips that will save your money.

  • You can start by choosing the website where you can compare the fare charges. This will give you an idea about the fare so that you can book from the one that is lowest. 
  • Another way to get cheap flights to Cleveland, OH is by entering the latest promo codes, discount offers, deals, etc. at the time of checking out. 
  • Passengers who book flights during the odd hours like late night or early morning are also benefited as flights during this time are cheaper as compared to midday flights. 

What are the top attractions in Cleveland, OH 

After you have done the reservations, here are the places that are worth visiting when you reach Cleveland, OH. 

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
  • The Cleveland Museum Of Art 
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 
  • Cleveland's Botanical Garden 
  • West Side Market 
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

Top hotels to stay in Cleveland, OH:

The first thing you need after you get the best flight deals to Cleveland is hotel rooms. And here are some of the best hotels.

  • Cleveland Marriott Downtown 
  • Hyatt Regency Cleveland 
  • Hilton Cleveland Downtown 
  • Intercontinental Suites Hotel 
  • Kimpton Schofield Hotel 

Popular airlines flying to Cleveland, OH! 

The various airlines that cover Cleveland as a destination are mentioned below. 

  • United Airlines 
  • Spirit Airlines 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • Westjet Airlines 
  • Emirates Airlines

These are the flights that frequent their travel to Cleveland, OH. Passengers who have other questions can refer below. These are answered further in the article.  

Why are flights to Cleveland so expensive?

Flight to Cleveland and from Cleveland can cost a bit higher than other nearby airports because Cleveland is not an International hub and most of the airlines do not support low fare flights to Cleveland, so if you are planning a trip to Cleveland then you need to book your flight tickets in advance to get them at their best and the lowest prices. You can also get your flight tickets to Cleveland at lower prices if you travel during the off-season i.e. July and August. A very less number of people visit Cleveland in these two months because of the high temperature and humid climate. So the flights and accommodation in these two months are available at a cheaper rate.

What airlines fly direct to Cleveland?

If you are planning to visit Cleveland by flight, then you don’t have to worry about the availability of flight because almost every top American Airline fly directly to Cleveland. This includes Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and many more. So, there is no shortage of flights to Cleveland. You will definitely get flights to Cleveland without facing any difficulty or inconvenience. 

Does Southwest fly to Cleveland?

Southwest Airlines flies directly to Cleveland, from different locations to Hopkins International Airport. There is many Southwest flights available daily from different locations so you can easily get a booking with Southwest Airlines on a flight to Cleveland. You can also get great deals on your booking with Southwest because the airline provides huge discounts on its flights to Cleveland just to make the trip affordable and budget-friendly for its customers. If you wish to book a flight to Cleveland with Southwest Airlines, then you can do it online by visiting the official website of the airline or you can also contact Southwest customer service to assist with your flight booking.

Does Amtrak go to Cleveland Ohio?

Amtrak offers train services that connect major cities in Ohio. If you wish to travel to Cleveland through Amtrak then you can definitely do that because there are three passenger train services offered by Amtrak that connect major cities in Ohio, those are Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo. This makes it possible for the visitors to travel through the train to the city of Cleveland. The Amtrak train station of Cleveland is named Cleveland Lakefront Station, all three passenger trains drop the passengers traveling to Cleveland through the train here.

How many airports are in Cleveland?

Cleveland has no shortage of airports as there are two airports in Cleveland. One of the airports is named Cleveland Hopkins International Airport which is said to be the major airport in the city of Cleveland because almost all the top American Airlines flights land at this airport. The other airport is named Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport. There are many other nearby airports also, so to get the flight tickets at the lowest price, passengers can book a flight to the other nearby airports, and then they can take a train or a bus to Cleveland. This can make their trip more affordable and cheaper.

For more details about flights to Cleveland, you can visit the official website of the airline you wish to travel with or you can also contact the customer service of your preferred airlines to get the details about the flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cheap and affordable season to explore Cleveland in August. Passengers who travel during January, November, and December will be facing the peak season fare.

The airlines that offer direct flights to Cleveland are Southwest, Delta, Spirit Airlines from Atlanta, Georgia, from Baltimore, Maryland is Southwest Airlines. Envoy Air and American Airlines from Charlotte and North Carolina. 


The cheapest plane ticket from the United States is a $23 one-way, $42 round trip from Newark to Cleveland. The most popular route from Los Angeles to Cleveland costs $95. And the rest fare charges may differ based on the factors like pickup point, route chosen, time and date of travel, type of travel, etc.   


Yes, to travel to Cleveland passengers need a passport and other documents to book the flight. Whether passengers are travelling from the United States of America, or any other country they will require a passport.  

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the best airport and also the main airport. This is because of the close proximity to the city. It is also the busiest airport because of this reason.

The duration of the flight to Cleveland depends upon the airlines, connecting points, route and other factors. Hence, there is no fixed time for a flight to reach Cleveland, OH.

The cheap flights to explore and book flights to Cleveland is the odd hours like late night or early morning. Because of less passenger preference the fare charges of flights during this time are low.

The frequency of airlines to fly to Cleveland depends totally on the airline that you have chosen. Every airline has a different frequency to reach Cleveland.

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