Cheap Flights to Maui- Top Last-minute Deals

Planning a trip to Maui and looking for deals and discounts? Check out the tips and tricks below to get cheap flights to Maui.

  • Flexibility with travel dates and route: Being flexible with the travel dates can be an advantage if you want cheap flights to Maui, as the prices fluctuate and are lower on some days. You may book a ticket when it is cheaper. You may find flights to Maui with different routes, and the tickets may be cheaper for some routes.

  • Fly with budget airlines: You may book tickets with low-cost and ultra-low-cost airlines to get cheaper tickets. Not only do these airlines offer tickets for a lower price, but they also provide exceptional customer service on flights to Maui.

  • Travel during the off-season: Customers may travel in April, May, September, and October and take advantage of getting flight tickets for a lower price. Not only are the tickets cheaper, the weather is excellent and there is less crowd.

  • Monitor and compare ticket prices: Customers must monitor and compare ticket prices to Maui that airlines may be advertising using the airline's official website to get their hands on flight tickets at a lower price.

  • Book with a travel agency: Many travel agencies offer flight tickets at a highly discounted price, and if you purchase a travel package with an agency for Maui, you may save a lot on the ticket price.

  • Use coupons and other offers: Most airlines promote ticket sales by giving discount coupons or through various offers. You can opt to get alerts from airlines for offers and use them to book tickets to Maui and get incredible discounts.

  • Book flights with a stopover: Rather than taking direct flights to Maui, Hawaii, you may take flights with stopovers for cheap tickets.

What airport do you fly into Maui? 

You fly into Maui at the Kapalua Airport (JHM) in West Maui or Hana Airport (HNM) in East Maui.

Things to do in Maui 

Many things that can be done in Maui are listed below.

  • For those with family, you may go hiking, take farm tours and enjoy Maui's scenic beauty.
  • If you like water activities, Maui offers many activities, including swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.
  • Adventure lovers can go on Helicopter tours or parasailing and get a view of the exquisite island from the top.
  • There are a lot of beaches at Maui, and you will find something unique at each one, or you may have a relaxing time.
  • You may drive on the road to Hana and see the jaw-dropping sights along the way.
  • Those looking for a fun-filled night must dine at the Old Lahaina Luau and have delicious food with an ocean view. You will get to see dance performances, hear live music, and drink cocktails simultaneously and have an exciting night.
  • You can go Wine tasting at the Ulupalakua Vineyards and, in addition, enjoy the scenic drive through Upcounty. You can get a taste of regular grape-based wine and even get your hands on pineapple wines which are a specialty.
  • For a culinary experience, you may head to the Paia Fish Market and order a bounty of seafood. You may try mahi mahi or opah in Hawaii, which you may get in various cooking styles like grilled, blackened, Cajun style, and sauteed in butter and lemon.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Maui? 

February is the cheapest month to fly to Maui as the demand to travel is less at this time. And Maui will be less crowed. Also, the flight prices will be lower.

Which airlines fly to Maui?

The airlines that fly to Maui are given below. 

  • Air Canada. 
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines.
  • Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • Mokulele Express 
  • United Airlines.

How far in advance should I book flights to Maui? 

You should book flights to Maui at least 3 months in advance to get great deals on the tickets, as the prices are comparatively lower when the departure date is farther away from the booking date.

How much do flights to Maui cost?

The cost can range from 200 $ to 1000$, depending on the destination you are flying from; also, your fare types can influence your flight tickets; for example, the prices of business class will be higher than the economy and premium economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maui is a beautiful island that is scintillating and is flooded with scenic views that travelers crave. It is regarded as being the most flourished island in terms of beauty. Planning a trip there would be the best choice and if you are wondering which month is the best to visit Maui then we have got you. The best month that is considered the best for travelling to Maui in March. During this month, the rates are comparatively low owing to the fact that Maui on-seasons are January, November, and

If you are willing to fly at low rates then the air is the best option that one could choose. There are certain things that one might consider while making reservations for flights. You must always book in advance in order to grab cheap flights to Maui. You could grab flight tickets at cheaper fares which ultimately allow you to save a great deal on flights to Maui.

The cheapest way that passengers could stick to in order to fly to Maui is the Kahului Airport. It is the main airport in Maui. it is also regarded as one of the cheapest airports that passengers stick to in order to grab flight at low fares and rates. 

When we are looking at cheap flights to Maui, then Hawaain airlines are considered as the best option among the travelers as it offers great fares and prices to the passengers as far as flights are concerned. With Hawaiin Airlines, the passengers get great flights at highly affordable rates.

If you have a trip planned to Maui but wondering where the best spot lies, then you have come to the right place. In this post, you will discover the best place to explore in Maui for having an enchanting experience. As per our findings, the most preferred and the nicest part of Maui is the West part. West Maui is considered the most sought after holiday destination among travelers who are interested in exploring Maui. West Maui consists of picturesque scenes and the landscape is fille

The most expensive time to go to Maui is during July. And the flight ticket will be more expensive in comparison to other months.

You may plan for Maui for 7 days trip, as this will give you plenty of time to explore the place and have a fantastic tour.

You can fly from the mainland to Maui, and many airlines fly from various mainland cities. You can find a list below to book flights with airlines to fly to Maui and the origin of the flight.

  • United Airlines: Chicago¬†
  • American Airlines: Dallas
  • Las Vegas: Hawaiian Airlines
  • Seattle: Alaska Airlines
  • Salt lake city: Delta
  • Phoenix: American Airlines
  • Sacramento: Hawaiian and Southwest

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