Find the List of Popular Destinations of Air France

Air France has a great network worldwide. Domestic and even the international network of this airline is very wide. That is the reason you don’t need to worry about the destination. Because Air France flies 36 domestic destinations and 175 international destinations. Across Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania it covers all the significant places. They have made sure that it is straightforward for the customer to connect with them and make the booking. That is the reason you can easily create a booking by visiting the official website of Air France. Air France is the flag carrier. That is why it has left no opportunity to provide comfort to the customers and provide safe, reliable service.

How many destinations does Air France fly to?

Air France covers 36 domestic and 175 international destinations over the globe. It covers the continents, like Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. It covers countries like Algeria, Angola, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iraq, and many other countries from different continents. Air France has mentioned the list of the destinations on their website. They have made sure that the customer gets all the information they’re looking for in a nutshell.

Where does Air France fly to ( domestic destinations, international destinations)?

In case you want to know precisely in which place Air France flies. Then you only need to go through the list of destinations given below. After that, you won't face any issue choosing your destination.

List of destinations Air France covers:

International destinations-

Domestic Destinations -

If you’re looking forward to travelling inside France. Then there are several places covered by Air France. You can choose any of them mentioned below:

What Airports does Air France fly out of?

There are several Airports that Air France covers. Either it is inside France or across the world. You can go through the list of Airports which Air France covers.

International Airports:

What countries does Air France fly to?

There are several countries which Air France covers. Their vast network is why they have so many customers around the world. You only need to ensure that you have got the correct information regarding the Air France destinations. Once you have earned it, you can quickly proceed further with your booking. Air France covers 36 domestic places and a total of 175 international locations. That certainly provides a wide variety to you to make your choice. The list of countries that Air France covers are given below:

Cheapest places where Air France fly

If you’re looking forward to flying through Air France, then there are many national or international destinations you’ll be able to cover up. You only need to ensure that you have got the correct information regarding that. You can go through the list of information given below to find the most inexpensive places to visit Air France.

National places which are inexpensive to fly through Air France: 

In case you’re looking forward to travelling to Ajaccio. Then the one-way trip is going to cost you around $166. However, you would need to make sure that you’ve made the booking 2-3weeks in advance. In the case of a Round trip, you’re only going to get charged with the fee of $182. However, you need to make sure that you’re making the booking in advance. 

Suppose you’re travelling to Lyon from Paris. Then it will only cost you $170 in case of a round trip. However, in the case of a one-way trip, it will only cost you around $200. Make it certain that you have made your booking in advance. 

Cheap international destination to fly with Air France: 

If you’re looking for some inexpensive destinations to fly with Air France. Then you would need to follow the information below: 

If you’re looking forward to travelling from Paris to Mexico, you’re going to get charged only $1400. However, in the case of a round trip, you’re going to get charged much less. Because of Air France's promotional offers for the international roundtrip flight. The fare can drop down to $350 in the case of a roundtrip flight.


What US Places does Air France fly to?

In the United States, Air France cover lots of destinations. Air France will take you to Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and many other destinations in America at a very reasonable price.

Where does Air France fly in Europe?

In Europe, Air France covers lots of countries. You can go through some of the names given here. It covers Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Greece, Athens, Hungary, Budapest, etc. Open the website of Air France, and after that, you’ll be easily able to make the booking.

Hopefully, your query regarding the Air France Destinations is cleared. In a nutshell, make sure that you should always make the booking at least a couple of weeks in advance. Only then you’ll be able to get the cheap rates for your flights. So, in the future if you're going to face the same query again. Then you only need to follow the information above.

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