Turkish Airlines Covid Travel Rules and Restrictions

After the covid-19 pandemic, many airlines have their requirements related to the covid-19 test. Turkish airlines allow their passengers to have many requirements to travel with their airlines. Turkish airline covid test requirements are as follows-

Do I need a negative Covid test to fly on Turkish Airlines?

As per the rules of Turkish airlines, every passenger needs to have a negative result of the covid-19 test. They should have an RT-PCR, nucleic acid, and RNA test within 72 hours of flight departure.

Wearing a mask throughout the journey is required under the airline's rules. There should be a vaccination certificate of the passenger with both doses. If passengers' report is positive, they will be kept in isolation after the final destination of the flight, and even the passenger who was in touch with the positive passenger will be isolated for 14 days.

If the passengers are from Turkey, they need to fill the form passed by the airline within 72 hours of the flights departure time to enter Turkey by the international flight. Transfer Passengers arriving by international to international flight will not be required to fill this form. Traveler who is under the age of 12 years is exempted from the PCR/Antigen test, filling the form before arrival and the vaccination certificate.

Passengers from countries like Serbia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt must give vaccination certificates during the time of arrival in Turkey. If there are no required certificates asked by the airlines, passengers will be exempted from taking their international to international flights.

There are many rules passed by the Turkish airline for the passengers arriving in Turkey;

Before the flight-

All the passengers traveling from Turkish airlines should have a negative report of RT-PCR test, Nucleic acid test, and RNA test within 72 hours of departure of the flight. They should wear masks all the time under the health guidelines. They should bring all the documents related to vaccination of both the doses and fill the form passed by the Turkish airline. Transfer Passengers traveling from international flights will only have to bring their vaccination certificates in the form of a printout or a screenshot on their mobile phones. Passengers under the age of 12 are not required to have vaccination certificates and PCR or Antigen test reports. All the passengers should maintain social distance in the airport while sitting or standing.

Onboarding the flight-

The cabin crew will check passengers if they have all the certificates and other documents asked by the airlines. Wearing masks during boarding is compulsory for all the passengers departing. Social distancing should be maintained by the cabin crew staff and the passenger to avoid the infection from spreading. If the passengers boarding the flight had a positive report, they would be isolated for 14 days as per the guidelines of WHO. Also, the passenger who was in touch with the infected passenger will be kept in quarantine for 14 days. The passenger body temperature of the passengers should be average. Passengers with high body temperature will be sent for a retest of covid-19.

During the flight-

On the flight, all the passengers need to wear a mask, maintain distance to avoid infection and inconvenience of the fellow passenger. 

Masks permitted in the flight-

Passengers should use surgical masks that are FFP face masks without valves should be used by the passengers. Surgical masks should be changed after every 1 hour of duration. Passengers have to carry extra masks to last for the whole journey.

Masks that are not permitted in the flight-

Masks that are not permitted, including FFP masks with valves, face shields, scarves, shawls, or cloth face masks, are prohibited by the airline during boarding and on the flight. 

After reaching-

After reaching the destination, passengers need to provide their documents and certificates at the airport to check and have a test again to know whether the passenger is positive or negative. Passengers with a positive report and the passenger in touch with them will be sent for isolation at their mentioned address to keep others safe.


Will there be any covid-19 test to board on the Turkish airlines?

Yes, as per the guidelines of Turkish Airlines, passengers should have a negative report of covid. If any passenger does not have a test report before the flight, they will undergo the test provided by the airline.

Is wearing masks mandatory for children and infants?

It may vary by the age group of children. Children below the age of 2 are not required to wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. Children younger than six years don't need to wear masks.

Can Pets travel on Turkish airlines during the time of the pandemic?

The airline can accept Pets as long as there are no restrictions by the country or international flights.

Are masks available on the flight at Turkish airlines during the pandemic?

Masks are mandatory for the passengers to wear on the flight. During the flight, hygiene specialists will distribute the masks to the passengers.

What if the passengers show the symptoms of a virus on the Turkish airline?

In case passengers show any symptoms during the time of flight, they will be relocated to the isolated seats of the Turkish airline.

Are pregnant women accepted on Turkish airline flights?

Pregnant women are accepted under some rules implemented by the airlines.

What is the procedure of Turkish Airlines for not wearing a mask due to some health issues?

These passengers will have to submit a doctor's official report of their conditions like heart disease, asthma, etc.

There are many terms and conditions applied by the Turkish airlines to follow all the measures of covid-19. Rules are mandatory to keep by the airlines. By following the rules, passengers may stay away from infections. Above are some Turkish airline covid test requirements necessary for all the passengers to follow during the pandemic. This will make passengers aware of the health measures taken by the airlines.

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