Everything You Should Know About the Gol Airlines

GOL airlines are one of the best airlines in Brazil country with a fleet size of 128 and cover more than 61 destinations that include both international and domestic regions. They provide the best customer support, and they offer the best flying services to the customer. Now, there are certain things that people want to know about the airline before they fly. To make the process easy, we have covered everything about it below; you can go through it and confirm the flying. 

Is GOL a good airline?

Yes, GOL is a good airline that never fails to meet customer expectations. It is a three-star airline that provides low passenger customer service. If you are flying with this, you will receive the perfect onboard comfort, cabin comfort, and easy booking process. You can expect good cleanliness, and a good crew member is ready to provide you the quick support. Now, you can see whether Is GOL a good airline or not. There are certainly more points that we have covered below. 

How safe is GOL airlines?

GOL airline is a safe airline, and they follow all the safety norms even during the covid scenario; they provide most of the service online. For this reason, the customer has to visit the airport less and keep all the things online, so it reduces the physical touch. Even elders provide services from home like carrying luggage and all from the doorstep and help them reach their destinations. So you can see, the airline is providing all the best services along with the various medical facility too on the flight. So what more can you expect from this great airline. 

Which alliance is Gol Airlines?

Gol airlines come under the OneWorld alliance that is quite famous for providing the best airlines in the world. Its been a long time since the Gol is attached to this and giving groundbreaking services to their customer and make the process of booking and knowing about the services easy. 

Where is Gol airlines based?

Gol airlines are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, covering different parts of the world through this base. It manages multiple departures that include domestic and international flights from this base, making the service more unique and easy to access. However, there are specific other small ports, significant of the services like flying and cargo carried out in this port. You can even find the location friendly so you can reach the place easily without bearing any other cost. 

What kind of planes does Gol Airlines use?

There are undoubtedly different kinds of planes Gol airlines use; we have covered major one. First, they majorly use Boeing 737-700, covering most of the service that goes to 23 services. Second, they use Boeing 737-800 to cover around 90 services, where the Boeing 737 MAX 8 covers the 8 services. So, it is divided into domestic and international flights, like 180 configurations used for the global services and 186 for the domestic places. 

What are the different seats on Gol Airlines?

They are offering different kinds of seats that we have covered. Though, some of them are available for international, where some are for domestic purposes only. 

Economy class

They provide an economy class for both international and domestic flights. So you can get a domestic flight with the economy at very friendly prices. Now, they provide the service like food on board, and they offer the extra space for carrying your pet, and even you can buy the extra seat for yourself too. You can carry the baggage like 1 bag, and 1 no check a bag but make sure the weight is under 25 kg. For no checked bags, it should not be more than 9 kg. Though you have to pay for the food during the booking and you are not permitted to choose the seat, you can show the preference only. 


You can get the business class for the international flight only, not for the domestic flight. In this class, you can carry two bags, and each bag should not cross the 25kg. You are allowed to carry the pet but make sure you are meeting the policy. Next, you can get the additional legroom space that is not in the economy class.

Helpful Resources:

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Website: Click Here

Headquarters Info: Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why should you choose Gol Airlines?

You can choose the Gol airlines for many reasons, like:

Best customer support 

You can connect with the person at any moment through the phone number or live chat. Some experts can provide you the instant support. 

Cost-effective ticket

You don’t have to worry about the ticket’s fare, and they are providing the best access at the best price—all you have to book online and leverage the online offers too. 

Provide the best crew members support 

If you are new, then crew members are ready for you to provide the best care. In addition, they provide food and help you regarding any issue. 

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