Delta Airlines: Is Delta Airlines a Good and Safe Airline?

After all the research on finding the best travel companions, if you have chosen Delta Airlines as your travel companion but want to know more about it then you shall not panic. In this place, your doubt is Delta Airlines, a good airline, and other things about this airline will be cleared. 

This place will be giving you all the information about Delta Airlines services and their functions along with other details. 

Bringing You Closer to Delta Airlines and its Services! 

Delta Airlines is a major American airline that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline is the third oldest and also largest airline of the world and has not left any stone unturned to help passengers. The airline at the same time has introduced various ways to satisfy and help passengers. The services and features that are delivered by Delta Airlines are mentioned further in this article. 

Services and Functions Offered by Delta Airlines! 

  1. The aircraft of the Delta Airline are designed such that it offers different classes that range from low to high in terms of services and fare charges. 
  2.  The airline at the same time offers different ways to get the seats reserved for passengers. And they can either contact customer service on any convenient platform, use the online portal or mobile application to get the confirmation of the seats. 
  3. Delta Airlines at the same time offers the chance to manage the reservations with the help of the manage travel option. 
  4. Passengers are offered with various options to get assistance to resolve any issues. This customer service is offered on various platforms that is explained further in this article. 
  5. Also, it is not hidden that Delta Airlines has the most friendly and cooperating flight attendants not only in the sky above but also at the ground level or airport to make passengers journey comfortable. 
  6. Delta airlines offer in-flight services which include offering magazines, newspapers, free-data services, live TV programs in various languages, and much more. 
  7. Passengers also have the option to make changes, editing or cancel the flight in case they are stuck in a situation that is unavoidable. 
  8. To make the journey give a home-like feeling, passengers who happen to book their flight in upper classes will be provided with blankets, pillows, and a chair that can be converted into a bed. They are also provided with a TV screen for their entertainment purposes. 

And there are many other services that are delivered by Delta Airlines to make their passengers comfortable. Now, if you happen to think that is Delta Airlines safe to travel then this doubt is also cleared below.  

Delta Airlines: The Safest Travel Companion!  

When it comes to being safe with Delta Airlines then passengers shall be assured as they are in safe hands. And here is some information that will state how Delta Airlines is safe to travel. 

  1. To start with, Delta Airlines is known for its hygiene. And after every landing of the aircraft, they are cleaned thoroughly. And this cleaning keeps flyers safe from getting infected with the germs of previous travelers. 
  2. Delta airline also has active customer service that is active on various platforms. All the platforms are 24/7 active and give on-the-spot assistance. And passengers can contact them regarding any issue or for any information that they are looking for. 
  3. Enhanced measures to keep passengers safe include fogging and built-in hand sanitizers on the aircraft as well as at the various points at the airport. 

And there are many other ways that prove that Delta Airline is a safe option to be chosen as a travel companion. However, if passengers still find the urge to get any further information then you are free to contact customer service. 

Connecting to Delta Airlines Customer Service! 

Delta Airlines offers different platforms to help passengers. And these platforms are the 24/7 active toll-free helpline number, chat support, or the email option. And passengers are welcomed to choose any one platform to get the issues resolved or find answers to any information that they are facing. 

With the above information, we hope that your doubts are clear and are convinced that Delta Airlines is the best option to travel with.

Other Delta Airlines Official Info:

Official Website:

Founded: March 2, 1925(as Huff Daland Dusters) Macon, Georgia, U.S.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA USA

CEO: Ed Bastian

Alliances: SkyTeam, SkyTeam Cargo

Serving Destinations: 325

Hubs: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Salt Lake City, Seattle/Tacoma

Delta Airlines Seat Overview

Delta airlines provide timely services to its passengers. Apart from that, it offers flexible policies along with comfortable seats during travel. If you are one of the passengers who are going to travel with Delta airlines and are concerned about the comfortability of seats, then here you will get to know the detailed information about the comfortability of seats.

The basic and common question asked by the passengers is - are delta seats comfortable? You will get the answer of this question in this article.

Are delta seats comfortable?

According to the review and ratings of the passengers of the delta airline, most of the passengers had given 9 out of 10. This is a huge rating. If we talk about the comfortability of seats, then we can say that it is the best, comfortable and safe airline you can come across. The seat of the airline is soft with a large space provided for leg and for keeping some extra stuff.

The other parameters that can be considered are seat legroom, seat recline, seat width, and aisle space. The passengers had given a rating of 4 out of 5 to all these additional parameters. In my point of view, this is the best rating one airline can get. If you are concerned about the seat and other parameters of the delta airline then don’t worry. You will get the best experience while travelling with this airline.

Rules associated with the Delta airlines seat selection

There are certain rules that are associated with the delta airline seat selection. Have a look.

So, these are the basic details about the delta airlines seat selection and comfortability. In case you have any difficulty then feel free to call the delta airline customer service toll-free number.

Other Relevant Questions

Is it a good option to opt for economy class in Delta Airlines?

Delta airlines is a low-cost airline that provides a lot of routes to and from various destinations. It offers various classes to avail from to its customers: Delta One, Premium select, Basic Economy class, Delta Comfort+, main cabin, and first-class. This article will tell you whether it is a wise option to avail Economy class for yourself. In my opinion, it is a good option to opt for the same as it provides all the luxurious facilities and services that a passenger can ever expect in a comfortable flight. Considering the airfare and the facilities as the prior most option, it is a wise idea to opt for the economy class. Rest it completely depends upon the needs and expectations of the passenger who is planning to fly with Delta Airlines.

Why are Delta Airlines considered to be cheaper as compared to other flights?

The major routes of Delta Airlines are inside the United States of America. The airlines ensure the best possible services to be provided to the customers. The airfares are comparatively low as the airline is a low-cost carrier. It is one of the airlines that is reliable and transparent when it comes to customer service. Passengers across the world began utilizing the services offered by Delta Airlines in June 1929. If we take along the subsidiaries and the regional subsidiaries, including all the active connections of the airlines, Delta Airlines successfully operates more than 5000 flights on a daily basis, thereby serving the utmost 50 countries and almost 300 destinations. Talking about the ranking, Delta Airlines is ranked as second among all the largest airlines of the world.

What are the planes used by Delta Airlines?

There are a lot of facilities provided by Delta Airlines. They make sure that the passengers avail the best services as promised at the time of booking. To ensure the services, the airlines utilize the best quality well designed, equipped planes in their services. Following is the list of planes that are used by Delta airlines, read ahead for the details: 

These are the planes that are used by Delta Airlines to provide the best possible services to the passengers since a long time now. 

What do you have to say about the different seats offered by Delta Airlines? 

Talking about the seats in Delta one cabin which is one of the most luxurious cabins offered by Delta Airlines, the seats are designed by James Thompson that have an approach of space-saving design. In Premium Economy class, the seats are equipped with adjustable leg rests, extra seat pitch, width, and recliners. In the Delta Comfort cabins, the seats are quite comfortable and facilitated. At the end, the seats in basic economic cabins of Delta Airlines do not have a provision of any kind of paid upgrades or complementary facilities, yet the seats justify the amount the passengers pay for the same. Overall the seats offered by Delta Airlines are comfortable, spacious, and worth spending a big amount of money.

Is it a good option to fly internationally with Delta Airlines?

Ok, so it completely depends upon the aspirations and expectations of the passenger who is planning to fly with Delta Airlines. The customer who wants to travel with all the fancy luxuries in their international trip via Delta Airlines can opt for Delta One or Premium Select for their tour. Then they have to pay accordingly. There are people who do not care about the facilities, but they do worry about the cost of flights or airfare. The customers who want to avail cheap flights can go for the comparison of deals and then make a decision. To a conclusion that Delta Airlines is a low-cost carrier that flies both nationally and internationally, it can be considered as a wise option to choose Delta airlines for your international trips.

Are travelers offered free drinks on Delta Airlines?

Yes, the travelers who are Gold Medallion members and above are offered complimentary drinks under the Have One on Us program. Further, travelers who are flying on international routes can enjoy complimentary wine, beer, and spirits onboard.

Besides, one can confirm the free drinks options by reaching out to the airline reservation department or once they perform online check-in.

For the travelers who are not members, they can purchase the drinks on board whether they are traveling on a domestic or international route and enjoy a relaxing journey with the airline.

Which items are not allowed in Delta carry-on baggage?

For the travelers planning to travel with Delta Airlines anytime soon, here is the list of the prohibited items that one cannot carry in their carry-on baggage:

Apart from the mentioned list, several items are restricted by TSA that one can confirm by visiting the official website of the airline or by reaching out to the airline reservation department over the phone or any other contact option and manage their baggage accordingly.

Can one bring snacks onboard while traveling with Delta Airlines?

As per the airline guidelines, travelers can carry snacks on board as a part of their carry-on baggage. However, it is required that the traveler does not violate any of the agricultural restrictions of the destination.

However, if the snacks do not fit in the carry-on baggage, then the traveler can include the same in the checked-baggage that can be verified by reaching out to the airline customer service. Further, Delta is not responsible for any spoil during the transit.

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