Guide To Fly With Air China Based on Safety and Other Things

Air China, Flag Carrier Chinese airline and known as the most popular Airline in China. The Airline is headquartered in Beijing. It was established on 1 July 1988 as a result of the decision taken by the Chinese Administration. It comes out of the conclusion of the Chinese government to split out the divisions of the official group of CAAC airlines different airlines. The Airline has raised its dominance in the airline industry by introducing new features. If you are dealing with is air china as a good airline, then the below-mentioned questions are best suited for you.

Is Air China a Good airline?

Yes, Of course, Air China is a great airline. It is a certified 3-star airline which is given for its onboard quality, staff services & cabin services. Food, entertainment, seat facilities provided to the customers are incomparable. There are many reasons which can lead the customers to select Air China for a trip:


Air China provides the highest level of comfortability to its customers. If we see the details for every passenger, the management of the Airline provides blankets, pillows & headphones. These make the journey enjoyable & interesting. 


At Air China, every seat has its own TV with a remote with a long TV screen. Most of the shows are Chinese representing the rich heritage of Chinese culture. 


Food is an important aspect of a journey, and in the case of Air China, the food quality provided by the airlines is amazing. Most dishes are from the Chinese region.

Some of the Cons of Air China:

What is the rank of air china Airlines?

As per the reports, customers are not aware that Air China is the highest-ranked Chinese Airline. In the list of Skytrax, which consists of the top 100 airlines of the World Air China comes 99th in the position. Customers can also read air china reviews. The Airline is also coming on the list of the World's Most Influential Brands. The Airline has won many prestigious awards in the airline domain. It comes 13th on the list, which makes it the most prominent Chinese Airline. Air China also has many awards which are recognized top in the airline Industry.

How safe is Air China Airlines? 

Yes, of course, Air China provides the modernized facilities to its customers for a safe & enjoyable journey. The Airline uses modern equipment to remain connected with its headquarters, and it is fully controlled by well-trained crew staff. These staffs are highly trained to remain calm in uncertain situations. But sometimes, as we know, uncertainty can happen with any airline, so Air China also remains reared to face any type of uncertain activity.

Is air china a budget airline?

Air China, the National Flag bearer Chinese airline, is obviously a low-cost airline. Customers have generally doubt regarding is air china is a good airline. In simple words, Air China provides the flights at the most affordable prices. At low prices, air china offers the best facilities to its customers. The Airline provides a round trip journey at $400USD, and if you're coming from Hawaii, customers have to pay $500USD.The Airline also provides the journey in less time. Some of the points which should be considered in the time of Air China booking

Always go for the online booking option as by this customers can quickly get a discount of 3-5 %.

Register as a member with Air china to get Promotional codes.

What kind of planes does air china use?

Undoubtedly, Air China has a set of most modernized aircraft full of functionalities. The fleet size of the Airline is 118 aircraft. The normally operated flights are given below:

Is Air China part of the star alliance?

Yes, Air China is a part of the Star Alliance group, and it became a member of the group in 2007. As a member of this world-class alliance, the Airline has its own name in providing the best available services to its customers. It was a well-managed network of aircraft which is known for its modern functionalities.

Why should you choose air china?

There are innumerable reasons which lead the customers to select Air China for a trip. You can also read the air china review on its official website. In the below-mentioned steps, we get to see some of the most popular features of Air China:

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