Covid-19 Requirements and Restrictions for Alaska Airlines 

Who would have thought we all have to put brakes on our regular course of life and sit in our homes for almost a year? Since the outbreak of Covid-19, more than 2 million people have lost their lives worldwide due to the virus. Apart from the loss of lives, we saw depletion in the progress of the global economy, commerce, and mobility. Covid-19 has transformed our lives completely and influenced us to think about how we work, enjoy, and especially travel. In the times of Covid-19, we see the new face of travel. Since we have changed our life patterns, Alaska Airlines is not far behind and has ensured that you can fly safely and securely.

Is the Negative Covid Test required to fly Alaska Airlines?

A negative Covid test report has become one of the vital accessories now. While Alaska Airlines also requires you to carry a negative Covid Test report. Alaska Airlines has issued travel advisories for different regions. While traveling to Belize, all the travelers aged five and older need to submit their negative Covid test results. You must take the Covid test within 96 hours of travel. When traveling to or from Canada, all the five and older passengers must submit their negative Covid test results. You are required to take the Covid test within 72 hours of the scheduled flight departure. When traveling to the United States, All the travelers aged two and older must submit a negative Covid test result, regardless of their vaccination status. While traveling to Hawaii, the passengers who are not vaccinated, aged five or older, are required to take the Covid test within 72 hours of your flight to Hawaii. In totality, a negative Covid test report is essential for you to fly Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Covid 19 Travel Entry Requirements and Other Restrictions

Masks are essential to fly Alaska Airlines-

When flying with Alaska Airlines, masks are required even if you are fully vaccinated. Please wear a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth all the time during travel. This includes the flight time, onboarding, and while traveling through the airport. If you refuse to wear a mask, it violates federal law, and you might be denied from onboarding a flight or removed from the airplane. A face mask is also required, even if you are wearing a face shield. Our safety is in our hands only, so be sure to carry a mask to fly with Alaska Airlines. Please make sure to put your mask back after you drink or eat something.

Vaccination requirements-

You need to carry proof of vaccination against Covid to enter or exit many countries. Alaska airlines advise you to carry your proof of vaccination while flying with Alaska airlines.

Covid-19 Tests-

Along with the approved face mask and vaccination proof, a negative Covid-19 test result is essential to travel with Alaska Airlines. As mentioned above, there are different and important travel advisories for different regions or places. You can visit Alaska Airlines’ official website to know more about the regional travel advisories for a safe journey in between these areas.

Precautions at the airport-

Please make sure to wear plexiglass shields installed at all Alaska Airlines stations. You can find these shields at multiple touchpoints, ticketing, customer support counters, gates, or lounges. Would you please make sure to maintain social distance at the airport to avoid the spread of coronavirus?

Health Agreement-

You need to complete the health agreement as part of the flight check-in process. This agreement confirms that you have not felt any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 72 hours or have been near any Covid infected person.

All of these restrictions are imposed to make sure that you remain safe while flying with Alaska Airlines. Yes, restrictions do feel harsh and authoritative, but these are equally important to curb coronavirus spread. If you want to get more details about the Alaska Air Covid travel restrictions, kindly reach out to Alaska Airlines’ customer support center via the official website to know more information on Covid-19 travel requirements and regulations to fly with Alaska airlines. Hopefully, your queries will be addressed and resolved at the earliest, and you can travel safely with Alaska airlines.

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