What are the cheapest airlines in the Philippines?

The Philippines is officially the Republic of the Philippines, an archipelagic county in south Asia. It is situated in the pacific ocean, consisting of around 7,641 islands. And many airlines fly to and from the Philippines.

Though you are planning to fly to Philippines and have been thinking about the cheapest airlines to the Philippines, many airlines can offer a flight from different airports. However, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia are the most affordable flight in the Philippines. But these airlines are not the only ones offering cheap flights to the Philippines. Many airlines serve the Philippines, but most are based in Singapore and South Korea. You can consider these budget airlines if you want to fly to the Philippines. Let's have a glance at the airline that flies to Philipense. 

List of the cheapest airlines to the Philippines

Cebu Airlines

Cebu Airlines provides cheap flights to the Philippines. It is also a leading airline that operates over 60 domestic and international airlines across 14 countries, including Japan, Singapore, Australia, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

Amenities: Cebu air has five aircraft full of SKYfi club products for the trial. The customers will be able to listen to music and movies and view magazines and surveys using their tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Average travel cost:  the average travel cost lies between $1,059 and $2,020 per person. 

Types of classes: the airline has only an economy class on all its planes. There are no other classes available on the flights. 

Skytrax ratings: Cebu Pacific is Certified as a 3-Star n the basis of low-cost budget fares. 

Philippine Airlines

this airline is also known as PAL. It is a Filipino flag carrier airline. It started its activities in February 1941, which makes the PAL the oldest airline in Southeast Asia. It is a private organization owned by the PAL holding and provides flight services within the budget. 

Amenities: the airline offers a new business Class Experience, and it also provides the New Premium Economy Class Experience, Entertainment, the Sky Boutique, Inflight Meals, free drinks, etc. 

Average travel cost: Prices were available within the past seven days and starts at $445 for one-way flights and $725 for round trip,

Types of classes: the airline have three different types of styles that passenger can choose to fly comfortably, and these are Business, Premium Economy, and Economy, 

Skytrax ratings: Philippine Airlines is Certified as a 4-Star for its airports, the in-flight services, and the onboard and ground staff. 

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia is known for the cheapest fares, especially flights to and from Singapore and japan. It is a Singapore-based airline that flies to the philippine at lower fares. 

Amenities: the airline offers Movies, games, and music, and there is something for everyone. So many In-flight entertainments are also available on international flights. The passenger cab keeps the kids entertained with multiple shows and games, enjoy a colossal music list, and watches the latest TV shows and movies from the US, Japan, and elsewhere. And if the person is flying in the economy, they can pre-purchase your in-flight entertainment when booking a flight or before you fly at the manage booking. In-flight entertainment is free for Business Class travelers. 

Average travel cost: $856. 

Types of classes: the airline flights are booked in classes I, Z, A, F, E, P, or B in the economy class cabin and D in the business class cabin. 

Skytrax ratings: Jetstar Airways is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline


Again, scoot is s low budget airline, the same as other budget airlines. Scoot regularly holds the seat sales for the deals-haunting travelers. It offers a medium long-haul flight between the Philippines and international destinations. 

Amenities: Free seat selection. It also allowed 30kg check-in baggage and the15kg cabin baggage. Various Choices of meals plus non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to excellent airfares, a safe, reliable, and free travel experience with a unique attitude.

Average travel cost: A 7-day trip to the Philippines will cost you an average of $1,949 for a single traveler and $3,588 for a couple. 

Types of classes: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy, 

Skytrax ratings: 5 star

Jin Air

Jin air is formally a budget airline of Korea and South Korea's flag carrier. The airline brands itself as the world's hippest low-cost airline. The Jin Air carries to young and budget-conscious travelers. This is another budget-friendly option if you are planning to travel to Korea. Jin Air flies to and from Clark Airport and Mactan Airport in the Philippines. 

Amenities: in Air is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage, or charges, you can buy onboard food and drinks, cabin cleanliness, and its service rating covers cabin and the ground staff.

Average travel cost: the cost may be flexible, and it depends upon subject to availability. 

Types of classes: Jin Air is a low-cost carrier offering only an economy class. 

Skytrax ratings: Jin Air is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline based on inflight and airport services. 

What month is the cheapest to fly in the Philippines?

If you are looking to book a flight to the Philippines, the cheapest time to fly to the Philippines is in December and May. You can choose these months if you want to fly on a budget. The festive surrounding is New year's eve and has so many further attractions to visit. 

Why are flights to the Philippines so expensive?

Airlines are yet to resume daily flights. Flights are scheduled, and certain capacity limits are still being implemented. Considering the covid scenario, the demand is strong, and the supply is insufficient. Hence the flight tickets are still expensive. 

Do I require a visa to visit the Philippines? 

Do you require a visa to visit the Philippines? Well, it might depend upon which country you are from. The Philippines visa policy is very lenient. Passport holders of various countries can go to the Philippines visa-free. in addition, nearly every passenger can get a Philippines Visa On Arrival. unless you are from one of the countries that fly to the Philippines visa-free. Thus you should apply for a visa before entering the country. 

Final Words

The Philippines is an archipelago country that offers unique islands and views. The Philippines is a county that is rich with the beauty of culture and countless beaches. So those who stay in the Philippines will have an option to see the penalty of things. However, These are all about the cheap flights to Philippines. If you need more information, you can contact the customer service team and get help in no time. 

However, Have you ever flown with at least one of these cheapest airlines in the Philippines? How was your experience? Was it worth your time and cash? Let us know! And have a safe journey! 

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