How to check Tigerair airline flight status

Check Tigerair airline flight status

Tigerair airline was earlier known as Tiger Airways. Now, Tigerair is a low cost carrier which operates from its base in Singapore at Changi Airport. After its inauguration in 2003, the airline has steadily expanded in terms of its fleet size, flight destinations and passenger traffic. Tigerair has also received many awards, the best being the title of Low Cost Airline of the Year. So, when you book a flight with Tigerair airline then before boarding you would like to check your flight status so that you can accordingly leave for the airport. So, you can check Tigerair airline flight status both online and by calling the customer care number of Tigerair airline.

Check Tigerair airline flight status

With Tigerair airlines you can fly to several destinations like places in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. So, when you booked your ticket with Tigerair airlines then you can check your flight status online before you leave for the airport, so that in case your flight is delayed you reach the airport accordingly.

To check your Tigerair airline flight status just open the website of Tigerair and then in the Manage booking section enter your Booking reference number. You can then see the flight status against your booking and make a good choice of when to leave for the airport or to make any changes to your flight and so on.

Flight status & information

Flight status and information is quite necessary because you need to know whether your flight is direct or connecting one, it is on time or delayed status of the arrival, departure, duration and so on. What is your seat arrangement in flight? What food is available? You need to know the baggage information like limit of weight and size of the luggage that is allowed in the flight that you are flying with. In the absence of proper knowledge of luggage you may face disappointment when you are carrying overweight luggage or not allowed luggage. What is the flight change and cancellation policy and fee requirements? So, you see that flight status and information is required and you can get it online and by calling at the customer care number.

Find & book cheap Tigerair airline flight

When you want to find and book cheap Tigerair airline flight then you can do so on the official website of Tigerair. You can also call their flight booking number and ask the representative to find a flight and book cheap flight for you. You can also do it by browsing some leading flight booking portals where you can get the list of cheap Tigerair airline flight at one place along with other airline flights and thus decision making becomes quite easy for you.

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