How to Cancel United Airlines Ticket

Cancel United Airlines Ticket via Phone Number

It depends on type of ticket that you purchased through United Airlines and so you can cancel ticket and get full refund, partial refund or no refund at all. So read cancellation policy in advance. So if you booked United Airlines ticket and you cancel within 24 hours then it may qualify for waiver of change or cancellation fees. You get full refunds on Basic Economy class tickets inside 24 hours of booking, but you cannot change it.

So to cancel your Ticket you need to go to “Manage Reservation” page and cancel your ticket.

How to book ticket on United Airlines?

If you want to book ticket on United Airlines then follow below steps:

1.Go to

2.On the home page you can see “Book Travel”.

3.Fill in asked information to search flight based on your information.

4.First choose “Flight” under “Book Travel”.

5.Then choose eitherRoundtrip”, “One way” or “Multi-city”.

6.Then enter “From” and “To” places.

7.Then enter “Departure date” and “Return Date” if required.

8.Then enter “Number of passengers”.

9.Choose “Class” of your travel.

10.When you click on “Search” you get list of flights based on your date you just entered. Choose the flight and follow the process to book your ticket on United Airlines.

How to check status of United Airlines?

If you want to check status of flight of United Airlines then click “Travel Information” on the Home page of United Airlines. Here you can enter the “Flight Number” if you know it and then choose “Departure Date” and click on “Continue”. If you don’t know the flight number, then enter “From” and “To” and then click on “Departure Date” and then click on “Continue” button. When you click on “Continue” in both cases you get the flight departing time, arriving time, travel time, distance and flight details. Then just left to that flight you have to click on “Check flight status” to know all the details of the flight. You get Departure detail, arrival detail, Aircraft and weather detail and other details for the traveller via United Airlines Helpline Number.

United Airlines Customer Service Number

You need to choose your location on “United Customer contact Center” page. You are looking to buy a ticket or make change to your existing ticket then choose your location from the page and follow further. You will get contact numbers for different services. For Travel reservation and information U.S. and Canada number.

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